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Our team has been training teachers across Louisiana for several years, and our passage rate is 99% with about 1,000 teachers certified.  We also use the training to explain how teachers can apply for a MERA grant for which they can get license paid for their students.  If you need to contact either of us, click our name below.

Rae Broussard is a former high school teacher who is certified in Customer Service and taught it for several years.  She is also certified in Business of Retail.  She now works for Keller Williams as a real estate agent in the greater Baton Rouge area.  In her spare time, Rae coaches volleyball.

Paul Grethel is a retired high school teacher having been certified in Customer Service and Business of Retail for many years.  He now works as a consultant for MERA, for Knowledge Matters, and is the Louisiana DECA State Association Advisor.  In his spare time, he also runs his own supply company and a teacher training/certification company.

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