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Earning the Customer Service Credential Will Give the Student Benefits

High School students can attain a Customer Service Industry-Based Certification through the National Retail Federation's Customer Service credential.  The Customer Service certification is designed to capture the core customer service duties for a broad range of entry-level through first-line supervisory positions across the sales and service industries. The credential is appropriate for anyone aged 15 or older who is interested in obtaining a job or pursuing a career in retail and other industries that value customer service skills.

Benefits for Students Earning the Credential:

  • Leave a class with an industry-developed credential that demonstrates potential to future employers that you have the knowledge

  • Demonstrate commitment to professional growth

  • Document achievement and build workplace value

  • Enter the workforce with increased knowledge, skills, abilities, and productivity and with a credential for your resume that proves you are ready to work

  • Earn the credential and get hired or possibly get a pay raise or promotion

Here's What Students Have Said


I was struggling to find a job for a couple months to help my mom pay bills. It was difficult, nobody would hire me no matter how ambitious or how much experience I had. Last week, I took the test to earn my Customer Service Associates certificate. I was told by my teacher I could use it on resumes to help myself get a job. I applied for four jobs that day. As soon as I started putting it on my resume, I had three call backs. I accepted one of the jobs and because of my new certification, I will be starting at $10.50 an hour instead of the usual $10 an hour as I will not need additional customer service training. One of the things they have mentioned to me was possibly being a customer service trainer because of the training I have already had.

-Lex at Sulphur HS


I am glad that I was able to receive the NRF Customer Service Certification.  Because of the certification, my employer offered me $1 more in hourly wages and my weekly work hours increased.

-Aumbriana Williams


Although I am not planning to work in retail or customer service, I learned a lot about how to communicate and relate to people with different personalities.

-Darian Vargas

In Louisiana we have had high school students
report that they put their Customer Service credential on their job application and resume and were hired because of that.  We've had students tell us they
got a pay raise because they obtained the credential, and we've had students tell us they got a
promotion because of the CS credential.  If that happens to you, tell us about it. 
We may post it here on our CS website.

Watch Alex, a trouble teen, as he used the Customer Service Credential to turn his life around.

Watch as Johnny shows all of us, no matter what our abilities, can make a difference with customer satisfaction..

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