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Your teacher will have registered you to take either the Customer Service & Sales exam or the Business of Retail:  Operations & Profit exam by the time you are sent to this page.

When your teacher registered you, the teacher used your first & last name and your email address.  Rise Up at Kaleidoscope Learning then sent you an email that looks like this:
Kaleidoscope Learning Letter of Admission.jpg
Do Not click on the link in the emailed letter until your teacher tells you do.  When you are instructed to click it, you will get to the login page for Rise Up where you first must click on Forgot Password so you can set up a password for your account.

Write the password down as you will need it everytime you go into this account or if you take another credential exam.

Once you've set up your password, login with your email address and your password.

type in your email address, then click on Forgot Password.
Once your teacher is ready for you to start the test, you will have to type in a password that the teacher will give to you, then you will start the timed test.

You will answer 75 questions and be given 90 minutes.  If you were granted 1 1/2 time or more, the teacher will have set that up for you when the teacher registered you.
Be certain to SUBMIT
your test at the end. Do Not Hit Quit Exam
test screen.png
Above is what the screen will look like.  Read the question and click the oval in front of the correct response.  If you need to come back to this question, you can flag it by click Review Answer.  The number of the question appears in yellow.

Click Next Question to move on.  To go back, click the # of the question on the left or click on Previous Question.

Make sure you answer all 75 questions and you review your flagged questions before you
submit your exam.  Make sure you SUBMIT your test; do not click Quit Exam, click SUBMIT.

When you finish your exam, your Pass or Fail
will appear on your screen.  If you passed,
within 2 days you will receive an emailed copy
of your credential certificate.  Here's what the
CS certificate will look like; the BoR certificate
will look the same but is in orange:
CS Certificate.png

Click the Sample Test button for students to take an exam similar to test questions on the credential exam.  There is another set of sample questions below.

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