Click the button to download directions on how to enable the pop-up blocker in order to take the CS credential exam.

Students must click this button to get instructions on how to set up their learner account and take the exam

Click the button to get to get to Penn Foster site & then login

Click the navy button to enter the MERA Online Screening Test.  Proctors must look up password on Class Materials page.  This is also where a proctor can access and download a hard copy of the screening test.

Click the Sample Test button to show your students what the screens looks like in the actual exam.  The questions are just general questions.

Penn Foster Test Sign In.png
Click Graphic on left to get to sign up
    for the exam, then click Enroll Today
    at bottom of screen.
Once you have a Student ID#, click the
    graphic to sign in to take your exam.