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When you are ready to test your students, think of the process as a 3-step process.  Step 1 is where students register (or you register them yourself), Step 2 is where the proctor enrolls the student (assigns a license), an Step 3 is where the student creates a testing account.
Click to Register at Penn Foster.png
STEP 1: Click Graphic on left to get to register for a Penn Foster account so that you can take the exam.
STEP 3:  Click Graphic on right to get to Create your Account and to login to take the exam.
STEP 2:  Proctor enrolls each student.
Penn Foster Sign In.png

Click the button to download directions on how to enable the pop-up blocker in order to take the CS credential exam.

Students must click this button to get instructions on how to set up their learner account and take the exam

Click the button to get to get to Penn Foster site & then login

Click the navy button to enter the MERA Online Screening Test for Customer Service or for Business of Retail.  Students use their first and last name as their username.  For the Passcode, Proctors must look it up on Class Materials page (at the bottom of the page).  This is also where a proctor can access and download a hard copy of these screening test.  Make sure the proctor writes down the screening test score before the student closes the screen.

Click the Sample Test button for students to take an exam similar to test questions on the credential exam.  There is another set of sample questions below.

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