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Teaching the Customer Service Skills to Students Will Give the Teacher & School Benefits

A credential such as in Customer Service recognizes customer service knowledge and skills which translates into competitiveness for your students.  Thousands of employees, from frontline workers to managers and trainers, representing hundreds of companies, identified the performance levels for these customer service skills.  The National Retail Federation Foundation collaborated with organizations comprising several hundred large and small companies and other workforce partners to develop the credential exam.  Other industries, including hotels, restaurants, banks, insurance, and public service companies, have recognized the value of these customer service skill standards and this certification.

Benefits for Educators:

  • Incorporate industry skill standards—what employers want and need

  • Validate and document students’ learning and achievement

  • Give assurance to administrators and employees that the class is meeting industry needs, including rigor and relevance since industry set the certification standards

  • Supplement existing programs and often provide verified credit for graduation

  • Receive points on your school’s performance report for those students who are certified

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