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Click the green button to download a copy of the MERA Grant Application. Everyone must complete (type) all  pages of the grant application.  You must mail your grant application in to the address of MERA in the grant application.  

Click the button to download the order form to order either your Customer Service licenses or your Retail licenses from your MERA grant.  Fill this out after you have given your students the Screening test. Only list those who have scored 70% or higher.  MERA will then automatically transfer your license to your grant account for RiseUp (not your school district account).  You must re-submit the same form if you need licenses in batches; just add new names to the bottom of the previous list.  After the students take the credential exam, mark pass or fail for each.  Email this form in Excel format (not .pdf) again to Paul Grethel.  Students must be 14 years old when testing.

Click the button to download the Confidentiality Agreement if you need one between your school and MERA.

Click the button to download the Final Grant Report Directions and forms.  Your final grant report is due by mid-March.  Check the grant application for exact date.

Workforce Prep

Click the button to download a copy of the MERA Evaluation form.  This form must be filled out by any student who used a MERA grant vouchers.  The teacher must also fill one out.  Mail these to the MERA office by mid-March.

This is a copy of the Workiforce Prep certificate that each student who completes all of the course work will receive.

Workforce Prep Certificate.png

Click the Simplified Business Plan button to the left to download an easy 1-page outline for what goes into the MERA SBE Grant Business Plan.

Use this map to determine what State Region your parish is in.  Use this on all

MERA Grant materials.

state regions.jpg

DECA Sports Marketing Conference Activity/Competition

Description of Sports Marketing Conference Project-have your students complete the following project and turn in a copy of your best one or two on the due date.  The winning team and their advisor win $50 each.


Sports & Entertainment Marketing Minute Competition

Here’s an activity that can probably be turned into a DECA CDC competitive written event and will be held at the Pelicans Sports Conference. In teams of 1-3 people, develop an in-game sporting entertainment event for an NBA game. Imagine that the event will be conducted during a Pelicans games sometime during this season. You might want to tie it to a particular holiday during the year or a particular game, but this is not mandatory. The event should last only 1 ½ minutes and will be run during either pre-game, a time-out break, a quarter break, a commercial break, or at half-time break. It will be conducted either on the basketball court or in the seating area. Think of a competition or an activity that uses a person, a group, the audience, some outside entertainment person/group and they would be involved on the Arena floor or in the seating area. Using PowerPoint, explain the activity, how long it will last (only 1 ½ minutes will be allowed…keep it quick-paced), who is the sponsor, who will be involved, when will it be presented during the game or pre-game. In addition to these questions, answer the questions in the guidelines below, and develop a budget for the activity. Discuss these in your presentation. Each member of the 1-3 member team must record part of the presentation and insert their voices with the slides. PowerPoint presentation should be no more than 10 minutes and all team members MUST verbally participate.

Evaluation: Each teacher/advisor can submit their best one or two "Marketing Minute" PowerPoints to the state advisor.  The entries will be evaluated by a team of business people who will come up with the best 1-5 teams.  These 5 teams will then be invited to demonstrate their "Marketing Minute" at the Sports Conference.  All team members (1-3 people) must take part in the presentation; however, they can use additional students as participants (participants are not part of their team).  A team of N.O. Pelicans marketing personnel will choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.  Prizes will be awarded.

Click Here to Download Step-by-Step Guidelines & Awards for the Marketing Minute.

Marketing Minute PowerPoint

Here are 2 samples of Marketing Minutes:

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