Role Play 1-Angry Customers

Role Play 2-Difficult Customers

Role Play 3-Difficult Customers

Role Play 4-Angry Customer

Role Play 5-Listening Skills and Store Policy

DECA CS Role Play 1

Role Playing-Solve Problems and Gain Loyal Customers



Eight Phone Problem Lessons

Change a Selling Feature into a Selling Benefit

Customer Service Introduction

Customer Needs & Wants

Customer Problems

Customer Problems Solved

Letter & Email

Phone Problem Lesson

50 Customer Service Activities

Disability Awareness Packet

Understand the Customer 1.2 Fill in the Blanks                  Teacher's Key

Customer Service Practice Situations

Legal Cases                        Student Worksheets                    Teacher's Key

Vocabulary Words/Terms

Customer Service Classroom Activities

Math Problems  (answer key found in Class Materials)


ADDITIONAL CLASSROOM MATERIALS to this sit and click current List of LAP Modules for names of resource materials you can purchase for a small amount.

Kahoot.It-online question/answer CS challenges

Flashcards-you or your students can create their own flashcards to use to review topics

Jeopardy-Type Game-you or your students can create a jeopardy-type game to review with

Quizlette-NRF-Customer Service Exam Study Guide Flash Cards

Quizlett-Customer Service Flash Cards



BellWork PowerPoints

Funny Customer Service video

Customer Service Video-Johnny, the Bagger

Killer Customer Service Words That Should Not be Used

Top 6 Ways to Get An Angry Customer to Back Down

Seinfeld Bad Customer Service

Starbucks Customer Service

80/20 Rule (2:23 time)

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (why people behave a certain way)

Getting to Know Your Customers 

What are Purchase Order and Invoices


Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Questions

Safety-How to Lift Boxes Properly (or click video to right)

Seven Steps of a Sale

Get to Know Your Customers

Addressing Customer Complaints

Suggestion Selling

Customer Service Fundamentals

Buying Motives

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

T.H.A.N.K.S. Method (Click Title)


(use with Teacher Leader Guide #1)-ANSWER KEYS BELOW
Leader Guides are no longer available; try an internet search

Workbook 1, pages 3-8

Workbook 1, pages 21-22

Workbook 2, pages 15-20

Workbook 2, pages 31-36

Workbook 3, pages 13-17

Workbook 3, pages 21-40

Workbook 4, pages 3-6

Workbook 4, pages 25-29

Leader Guide #1 PowerPoint

Workbook 1 Answer Key

Workbook 2 Answer Key

Workbook 3 Answer Key

Workbook 4 Answer Key



(use with Leader Guide #2)-ANSWER KEYS BELOW

Workbook 5, pages 3-8

Workbook 5, page 39

Workbook 6, pages 3-4

Workbook 7, pages 11-15

Workbook 7, pages 16-17

Workbook 8, pages 3-11

Workbook 8, pages 15-20

Workbook 8, page 36

Workbook 8, pages 39-44

Leader Guide #2 PowerPoint

Workbook 5 Answer Key

Workbook 6 Answer Key

Workbook 7 Answer Key

Workbook 8 Answer Key

Student Workbook Pages

Chapter 1 Workbook

Chapter 2 Workbook

Chapter 3 Workbook

Chapter 4 Workbook



Student Learning Target (SLT)-Sample 1

Student Learning Target (SLT)-Sample 2


The textbook used to teach the Customer Service class and prepare for the credential is titled Customer Service and Sales .  The new books are priced as follows and can be ordered by the Voucher Designee in your school district.

Customer Service and Sales-textbook $65.00    
Customer Service and Sales-Teacher Guide $265.00
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Use the Purchase Tile on your home screen to order vouchers licenses and textbooks.  If you do not have access to this tile, check with your Voucher Designee.

Video below will show your students in one-minute the proper way
to lift boxes to promote safety at work.  After the video, have students demonstrate what they learned.

Video below will show your students in four minutes how
to detect counterfeit money at work.

Video below will show your students in 7 minutes how to conduct themselves in many different industries when doing suggestion selling.