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Click the graphic on left to access proctor site.

Click the graphic on right to access student/learner site.

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If you are ready to test and are about using your MERA Grant voucher licenses, after you’ve requested your licenses by filling out the Customer Service/Business of Retail License Order form (attached), then do the following steps. 


If you have licenses purchased by your school district, you must sign into that account, which is a different account than MERA’s. Penn Foster Account.  If you are using district-purchased licenses, for Step 3, change your organization name to your school district name (most likely) and your location name to your school’s name (most likely).  Call me if you’re confused on this.


SCREENING TEST:  Make sure your students have completed the Screening test and earned 70% or higher.  This is required by MERA in order for the student to “earn” their license.  They can access the online version of the Screening test by going to, clicking on the Student tab and then clicking the online Screening Test for CS button.  They sign in with their name and the passcode is “voucher.”  If your students are taking the Business of Retail Screening test, select that link or button.  Students will use "license" as the passcode.  Make sure students use their first and last name as their username.



Whether you are giving the Customer Service or the Business of Retail exam, you use the same proctor account and follow these directions:

  1. To have students register for the exam, have each click this link:   Students then go to the Students tab (at top) and will click the graphic at the top of the screen to get to it to the NRF RiseUp registration screen.

  2. On the small screen that pops up, have them click Enroll Now (at the bottom)

  3. The organization name for your MERA vouchers is MERA School year 22-23

  4. The location name is (your school’s name with your name—it should pop up once they start typing the school name)     

  5. The Program name is Customer Service & Sales – Exam Only.  If you are testing for Business of Retail, the Program Name is Business of Retail – Exam Only.

  6. Once they submit this page, each student will get an email from Penn Foster stating with their Student ID # and that they have registered at Penn Foster.  (You can find their Student ID# under your Learners tile.  It is the 8 digit # in front of their name.)

  7. You, the proctor, must sign into your MERA account, (this is not the same account as you use to get licenses from your district administrator).  Your username/password was set up for you in October.  If you need the link to sign in as a proctor, click the graphic at the top of this page on left side.

  8. Click on Admissions tile then approve each student’s enrollment.  Students then get another email from Penn Foster stating they have been admitted to Penn Foster, they are given a Student ID #, and a license has been issued to them (automatically-as long as you have licenses in your account). Their name is moved to the Learners tile.  If a student does not get the email with their Student ID#, you can look up their Student ID # under your Learner’s tile or Proctor's tile..

  9. Students finish the registration process by signing back in with their student ID # (same link as in Step 1).  Once they do, they will be asked to set up their username and password.  At the point, the license will be considered used and cannot be reallocated back to your account if the student does not test.

  10. Student will be asked to enter a daily testing password.  The proctor can find this under your Proctor tile in your Penn Foster account (at the bottom of the page).  Put the password on your board or overhead.  Students can just begin testing once they put in the password and click the exam name.


If you have Customer Service or Business of Retail licenses purchased by your school district and then transferred to your district Penn Foster account, you must sign into that account and replace Steps 1-4 above with these steps:

  1. To have students register for the exam, have each click this link:   Students then go to the Students tab (at top) and will click the graphic at the top of the screen to get to it to the NRF RiseUp registration screen.

  2. On the small screen that pops up, have them click Enroll Now (at the bottom)

  3. The organization name for your MERA vouchers is (type in your school district’s name)

  4. The location name is (type in your school’s name)     

Between 1-2 days students will receive an email with a link to their certificate.  You can also access their certificate,

download and print the certificates under your Certificate Documents tile.


If you enroll a student a 2nd time by accident, or if you enroll a student who never sets up their username and password, you can get that license back from Penn Foster.  To do so use the link below to request that a license assigned to a student but never used can be returned to your proctor account as a reallocation:


If you have a student fails either the Customer Service exam or the Business of Retail exam, you must get a different license that is the same as the original test name but has Retake at the end of the name of the license.

Example:              Regular credential license name might be Customer Service & Sales-Exam Only

                              Retake credential license name will be Customer Service & Sales-Retake


The MERA Grant does not provide a student a 2nd license, so your school district administrator who has the Partner Account at Penn Foster will need to make this purchase for you at $25/retake (instead of $55/license).  This person is usually a CTE Supervisor but can be another person.


For this person to purchase the Retake license, have them go to to select and purchase the Customer Service & Sales – Retake exam license or Business of Retail—Retake exam license.  Students can retake the exam immediately, but we suggest you have them study before retaking it.  They have 30 days to retest.


The administrator will need to transfer the license to your Penn Foster account which you use for your school district—not the one you use for MERA grants (if you have a grant).  The student will need to register all over again  to your district account.  The student’s first account (where they failed) is no longer good to use, so they must re-register.


Please check the following:

  1. Did you possibly enroll any students twice, but they only used 1 license?

  2. Did any student test 2 times and use 2 licenses?

  3. Check your Learner’s tile to see if anyone is listed there who did not test.  Do not count any that failed.

To figure out how many licenses you have enrolled/used,

  1. Count how many students have their certificates in your Certificate Documents tile.

  2. Count how many students failed in your Learners tile.

  3. Count how many students are listed in your Learner's tile who haven't tested.

  4. The total you get is how many licenses you have used and enrolled.

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Email Penn Foster/Rise Up Support at or call 800-986-6482

Emergency Procedures 

If an emergency arises during testing, proctors must follow the procedures specified at the testing facility.

  • The safety of the learners and testing staff is the first concern. If required, take immediate steps to ensure physical safety.

  • If evacuation is necessary, proctors should

  • Conduct a calm, but immediate, departure from the room.

  • If possible, shut down each learner’s computer; do NOT hit Submit.

  • Collect scratch paper and other examination materials from learners as they exit, if possible.

  • Ensure that all materials are secure by taking them with you.

  • After evacuating to a safe location, inform learners that discussion of examination content is forbidden.

  • Contact Penn Foster to report the emergency and receive instructions 

If a medical emergency arises, the proctor should make sure the learner gets the proper immediate care necessary.  Minimize the amount of disruption to other learners.
If a learner becomes ill and/or is unable to finish the exam, he/she will NOT receive a refund.



The NRF Foundation wishes to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not deprived of the opportunity to participate in the assessment solely because of a disability.  The NRF, Penn Foster and Rise Up (testing partner) follow the ADA laws on accommodations.  Keep in mind that anyone assisting the test-taker with an accommodation must be a certified proctor.  The testing facility must have any required equipment for accommodations.  The accommodations include:

  • Braille or large-print exam booklets;

  • Google Chrome has an extension you can add that gives you screen reading technology.  Look for Natural Reader Text to Speech. Do not contact Paul Grethel for information on this extension or the use of this technology.  

  • Scribes to transfer answers to Scantron bubble sheets or record dictated notes and essays;

  • Extended time;

  • Wheelchair-accessible testing stations;

  • Distraction-free rooms;

  • Physical prompts (such as for individuals with hearing impairments); and

  • Permission to bring and take medications during the exam (for example, for individuals with diabetes who must monitor their blood sugar and administer insulin).

After the Learner is register and before the proctor Enrolls the student to take the online exam, the proctor/trainer must fill out the  Accommodations form.  The Learner (student) must have an IEP, approved documentation from a licensed professional or certified specialist who diagnosed the learner with a disability and is recommending the accommodation.  To access the Accommodations forms, click on the Proctor tile and look the right side.  There is a form for Time Accommodations and a different form for other ADA Accommodations.


There is a Spanish version of the Customer Service credential exam.  The Partner account holder can purchase it for $55.


A student can retake an exam one time and can do so immediately as long as the student has completed the steps to begin a test and the student has a new "retake license".  We recommend that a student take a day or so to review before re-taking the exam.   The  Penn Foster Administrator in your school district can purchase them by clicking the blue button to above and purchasing the Retake Legacy exam license for Customer Service (bottom of page) at a cost of $25.


Every 3 years a certified teacher must renew their certification. The teacher does not re-take the exam but can retake the training and exam if wanted.  The teacher will just complete the renewal form and pay $25 to the NRF.   It is the teacher's responsibility to keep his/her certification up-dated.  Click the blue button to the left to get to re-certify.


Click on Customer Service & Sales (in the middle) or Business of Retail (on right side).  You will have to sign in once you have your recertification in your shopping cart and pay $25 with a credit card to renew your credential.

A student's certification is good for 3 years and he/she can re-new his/her certification the same way that a teacher does.  The Louisiana DOE states that the certification must be earned while in high school.  This means that if a 14-year old earns the certification but does not graduate within the 3 year certification period that the certification will still count toward the graduation requirement.


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  1. CREATING ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT:  Go to to set up your account as the Administrator.   You will need your school district’s Federal Tax ID in order to register, so please make sure you have that on hand.  Having this account will allow you to order Customer Service licenses for students to take the credential exam, to purchase textbooks and other materials, and to add proctor/trainers and school locations for your school district.  Only 1 person per school district is allowed to create an account; you can, however, add other people to your account to give administrative roles.
    Once you submit the application, it may take 1-2 days to get approval.  You should receive an email from Penn Foster approving your account.  You then create your username and password for the account.  Log in to your account at  Once you have logged in, please click on the PURCHASE Tile in Order to complete your account set up. 

  2. PURCHASING MATERIALS:  To make a purchase of vouchers or books, the Administrator will sign into Penn Foster
    at and click on the Purchases tab.  Move mouse over Customer Service &
    Sales (middle section of screen) or Business of Retail (if that license is needed) and select Tax Exempt from
    pull-down menu, select Individual Products (for just a few copies) or Bundle & Save (for larger quantities), select
    whether you want the exam licenses or the textbook and follow screen instructions.

  3. ADDING PROCTOR/TRAINERS (teachers):  Next, you will want to add your teachers.  Click on the Add Users tile
    to do that.  Add each teacher in your school district as a PROCTOR/TRAINER.  Trainers can then add their own
    students for teaching.  Each trainer that you add will receive an email with login information to their account. 

  4. ADDING SCHOOL LOCATIONS:  You can now add your testing locations (school names) by clicking on the Add
    Locations tile and then click on Create New Site.  Because the CS credential was originally set up for businesses,
    they will ask for your business name and store #.  What you can do is set up the school name as the business
    name.  Then assign each teacher a 3-digit number and put that in the Store # box.  This will help keep everyone's
    vouchers separate.  After completing this step, you can then use the "Manage Licenses" tile to divide licenses up
    between proctors and school sites.

  5. MANAGING/TRANSFERRING LICENSES:  Once you have ordered licenses, they will appear in your account.  Click on Manage Licenses tile.  You should see your purchased licenses on the top half of your screen under Open Licenses.  To transfer them to a proctor/school site, click on Manage Licenses (right side of line where your order licenses show up).  Click YES to continue.  Click on +add site.  Select your site/proctor and put in the # of licenses you want to transfer to that proctor.  Now click Transfer.  The transferred license(s) should now appear on the bottom half of your screen under Transferred/Location Licenses.  If any licenses are not used, you can always move any licenses later on but clicking on Manage Licenses on the bottom half of your screen.

  6. PURCHASING RE-TAKE LICENSES FOR THOSE STUDENTS WHO FAIL CLICK HERE.  Scroll down to the bottom and look for the Re-Take button.  Click it and it will link you to the page where you can order retake licenses for $25.

  7. REALLOCATION REQUEST:  If a proctor enrolls a student (meaning the student has been issued the license) and the student never takes the exam, you probably want to license back.  To do this, tell your proctors (teachers to send you the student’s name and student ID license #.  Then click on the Resources tile, look in the top right corner for the Reallocation Request link, click it and submit the information.  Penn Foster will send you a replacement for that license and it will show up under your Mange Licenses tile.

  8. CHANGING ADMINISTRATORS:  If you will be leaving your position, you should turn your Administrative account over to the next person.  Click on Resources tile, look in upper right of screen for Admin Change Request link and click it.  Fill in the info so the new person will have access to the account.

  9. HELP:  Any other questions, call Paul Grethel at 504-301-7194.  Paul does not work for Penn Foster but is the person who can help Louisiana teachers and administrators.

  10. REGISTERING NEW TEACHERS TO BE CERTIFIED:  Check the Registration page on this website for upcoming teacher trainings/certification classes.

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